Students you asked we listened.Now let us fill the bus!

Last year our students participated in two Youth Symposiums where they created an action plan and based on those results we applied for a grant to fund the action plan from the Alberta Health and Wellness. Our students expressed anxiety in preparation for post-secondary education and desire for a greater focus on career preparation. Some of the money from this grant is going to support the post-secondary field trip to Camrose and Edmonton. Students will visit Augustana (U of A campus) and stay overnight in Camrose. In the morning they will travel to Grant MacEwan and then choose either of NAIT or U of A (main campus) the following afternoon before returning home.

Grade ten, eleven and twelve students are invited to participate in the GCCHS post-secondary tour on October 26 and 27 to Camrose and Edmonton. The only cost will be a few meals while they are away. The grant is covering the cost of bussing and accommodations. Augustana is looking after our students' supper in their cafeteria and our hotel has a breakfast included.

Students will be invited on a "first permission slip in, first chosen" as long as they are in good standing. Preference will be given to an equal number of students in each grade.

Permission slips are available in the office.